Vision— Dream, Plan, Achieve

Follow me on my journey to achieving the vision God has given me. To write, to code, and to become healthy and fit; to run the economy. I hope you or someone you know has big dreams. I write from the heart. I’m started from the bottom, and I hope my journey helps or inspires someone one day.

My Latest Posts

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  • Poem 0076
    “Basic Simile”Proving yourselfAfter believing youWon’t be enoughIs like breathingHeavily just toRealize you’re alive.Just do it—Just be;Connect your dreamsWith your lifeAs a perfect simile.
  • Freestyle 0002
    “To The Loveless” by Megan Nicole Postell LoweTo the loveless, from the lovingTo the dead, from the living—To death, from lifeTo wrong, from rightFrom day, to night.I wish you would […]

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