Vision— Dream, Plan, Achieve

Follow me on my journey to achieving the vision God has given me. To write, to code, and to become healthy and fit; to run the economy. I hope you or someone you know has big dreams. I write from the heart. I’m started from the bottom, and I hope my journey helps or inspires someone one day.

My Latest Posts

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  • Poem 0036
    “Limiting”If fear is learned,I was an excellent student;For the understanding I earnedIn fear, I felt stupid.To limit my freedom,And to covet my fear—I would be in overdrive—But the buck stops […]
  • Poem 0035
    “Beautiful” by Megan Nicole Postell Lowe, 2019 My country–she is beautiful, She’s beautiful indeed; God birthed her in His mind before time, And she is rolling on full speed. My […]

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